Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Red State Blue State

Red State, Blue State, South State, North
Ancient nightmares marching forth
Quoting Bibles Flying flags
Armies with their wives in rags
Freedom bartered Freedom sold
Liars praying with hearts of cold
Leaves falling Trees a-rust
Children poisoning their mother’s trust
Water burning Water dead
Empty lives in empty heads
Flickering pictures Holy lies
Drowning out the drowning cries
Of whales, babies and man that dies
Greed rides a horse called Fear
With whipping priests as charioteer
Buying Selling Truth and Love
Lucifer singing; like a Dove
Warriors of peace sing broken songs
Their words twisted from right to wrong
Where good is bad and lies are good
Freedom of Spirit is Spirit on Wood
Seventy two virgins on the Right Hand of God
Preying upon lives unshod
Souls drowning in Wine and Gold
Dying of thirst lo and behold!
The Life of Man is being forfeit
On borrowed coin and surfeit
Cowards beat the drums of War
Mothers wait to hear the door
Of Kings open to be told
Why their sons must die in Cold
“To pay the Piper” proclaims the King
“To serve the Lord” the angels sing
“To gain the glory” the veiled ones scream
“To keep them safe” the Soldiers dream
“To hide the Evil” the poet whispers
“To save Freedom” sing court jesters
Killing fields Lies flowering
Strange storms Devil empowering
Freedom’s altar Drowned in Fear
Freedom’s Beacon Burning Spear
Child of Man Drugged and Dying
Heed the voice of Mother crying
Fearing Fear Freedom Starving
The seed of Man disappearing
Blind Gluttony Amortizing